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The [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] mailing list is sponsored by the Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe. The list administrator is Karl Krueger with technical assistance provided by Matt Warner.


This is a mailing list for anyone researching the genealogy of Germans whose migrations took them through Russian Poland and/or Volhynia (northwestern Ukraine, next to the border with Poland). Fringe regions such as Posen, Podolia, Kiev, various parts of Prussia and others may also be included. Topics of discussion may also include related geography, history, religion and culture. This list will be of special interest to members of the Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe but you do not have to be a member to participate.

This list does not cover other German Russian regions such as the Volga River, Black Sea, or Bessarabia regions. However, postings about meetings, events, publications, and other general information regarding AHSGR, GRHS, GRHC, FEEFHS, or other similar East European or Russian genealogy groups, or related events, are welcome.

Please read the following guidelines before proceeding to the subscription page.


Language: Our primary language of operation will be English. If you feel more comfortable in communicating in German, please send the request to the list administrator He will arrange for a translation and will then forward the message to the list. Replies that you receive may then be in English, not German.

Subject Line: When you send your message, please put a descriptive title in the subject line, such as "Schmidt of Kostopol". Please do NOT leave the subject blank or make it vague by using general terms like "genealogy" or "need help". If you use Digest Mode to receive your messages, be sure to change the subject line to the relevant subject when you respond to a message.

Responding: When you respond, please consider if your information is private or potentially important to others on the list. Comments like, "I have Schmidts in my family too; are we related?" are of no interest to the list as a whole and should be directed privately. However, adding family information to a posted question could be of value to others on the list and should be directed accordingly.

Forwarding Private Correspondence: If you have received an email from an outside party providing information for a listserv member requesting that information, only forward the message to the member who made the request. Do not forward the private communication on the listserv unless you have specific permission from the person who gave you that information. All listserv communication is publicly available and can be searched openly online thereby making that potentially private information open to the public. SGGEE accepts no responsibility or liability for communications of this nature made by listserv members.

Signatures: Please sign your full name to the message. We are a group of individuals helping one another, and we like to know who we are talking to. Individuals using false identities in an effort to disrupt or interfere with the purpose of this list will be removed from the list.

List Rules: Do not try to regulate this list or impose any other rules or conditions upon this list. If you have any concerns about postings, content etc. take it up with the list administrator

History and Culture: Discussion threads on history and culture should be directly relevant to the genealogy and migration as outlined in the statement of purpose. The list administrator may ask you to curtail such discussion if it becomes repetitious or irrelevant. Further abuse could lead to removal from the list. Example 1: A discussion of how Napoleon affected the presence of Germans in Russian Poland in 1810 would be acceptable. Such discussion straying to Napoleon's politics in France, his defeat by the Russians, etc. would not be relevant. Example 2: Posting a recipe for cottage cheese perogies as made by your German Volhynian grandmother would be acceptable. Prolonged discussion about other names for the same thing and how it should be spelled are not considered relevant.

Obituary Notices: If directly relevant to Germans from Poland and Volhynia, such postings are acceptable. They should be identified in the subject line in the form, OBITUARY: Schmidt. Where possible, please abbreviate the content to genealogically relevant data and indicate the origin of the obituary. Please do not guess at whether the person is connected or not. You should know their origin personally or it should be stated in the obituary.

Repetitive Messages: Please avoid repetitive messages. Thank you notes, spurious notes such as, "Gee, that really is a good recipe.", "Me too." etc. should be directed to individuals, not the list as a whole. Abuse in this fashion after fair warning from the list administrator could result in being removed from the list.

Thank You Notes: Please DO send personal thank you messages to those who have helped you. There are times when responses can require significant time and effort. Notes of appreciation are important for acknowledging that input.

Courtesy: Please be courteous to other members. Rude comments and flaming are not acceptable and can result in removal from the list.

Advertising: In general, postings of "for profit" advertisements are prohibited. Anyone posting such material will be removed from the list. HOWEVER, providing information about research material such as books, maps, etc. that are directly relevant to the stated purpose of this list could be of value to the readers. You may be given permission to post that type of "for profit" information from time to time if you first obtain permission from the list administrator at

About Viruses: Do NOT post virus warnings on this mailing list. We attempt to control the spread of viruses through this list by prohibiting attachments to messages (see note below). However, ultimately it is the end user who is responsible for controlling viruses on his/her machine. Be sure to install and keep current some form of virus protection on your computer and be sure that it is set to scan all incoming messages. Neither SGGEE nor the list administrator are liable for any viruses that you may receive or activate on your computer.

Attachments: All attachments are stripped from messages and will not be forwarded through the list. Doing so prevents the spread of viruses, stops some forms of spam, and prevents the spread of memory intensive material to people who do not want it or who have no interest in it. If you have a file or photo you would like to share with the members, announce what you have to offer, or what you want help with, and then send the file only to those who request it via private e-mail.

Spam and other non relevant material: Do not post test messages, chain letters, political announcements or other non relevant material to the list. We do have filters in place to prevent the use of this list for spamming by outsiders. We also have protection in place to prevent harvesting the email addresses of subscribers for the purpose of spamming. Spamming by a subscriber could result in immediate removal from the list.

Access to this mailing list is independent of any rights or privileges inherent with membership in SGGEE. List administrator reserves the right at any time or for any reason to deny access or suspend subscription to this list.

I have read the Guidelines AND the SGGEE Privacy Policy. In particular, please note that all postings are archived and become open to Internet search engines such as GOOGLE or Yahoo. Such postings cannot be deleted once made.

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How the Mailing List Works

Most of the features of our mailing list are similar to others. However, we are using GoogleGroups instead of the more familiar listserv type programs. We believe it is more user friendly and offers you easier to understand control over how you receive your mail.

1. If you wish to subscribe to the ger-poland-volhynia listserv send an email with your name to If you would prefer to receive the posts as a digest (this will result in a delay before you see the latest messages) the administrator can arrange that for you as well.

2. Shortly thereafter you will receive an email requesting to confirm if you want to join the listserv.To activate your subscription, you MUST click on the link provided in that email.

3. From that point on, posting and responding is the same as with any other mail list.


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