Thank you for your interest in the Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe. We hope that you enjoy the information here and that you will consider membership. Our Society is a registered non-profit organization in the country of Canada but our membership is from around the world. You can find more about us, our interests and details like bylaws and privacy concerns on the Who and What We Are page.


Contact addresses

SGGEE email address are listed below- see the bottom of this page for a snail mail address. Use this address for questions about membership. Garry Otke (British Columbia, Canada) maintains our membership database. Also use this email address for issues related to use of passwords for web site access, and to note email or postal mail address changes. Use this address if you have questions about the upcoming convention to be held in the summer of every year. Bill Tucholke (Marcellus, Michigan, USA) is the chairman for the current year's convention committee. Use this address if you have questions or comments, or articles for the SGGEE Journal. Ray Bloch (Columbus, Ohio) is the chairman of this committee, and the Journal editor. Use this address if you have a request for the film number and registration number for names in our Pedigree database that have the source code SGGEExxxx. Also use this address for other questions related to our databases. Rose Ingram (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada) is the chairwoman of the research committee that provides much of the original data for the SGGEE databases. Use this address to contact the mail list administrator if you have questions concerning the German-Poland-Volhynia mail list sponsored by SGGEE. Use the Mailing List page if you want to join the mail list. Karl Krueger (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) is the list administrator.

Library: At the present time our library is only available for use at SGGEE conventions. It is currently not open for lending purposes. If you have any questions, please use the directors address below. Use this address if you have bills that need paying by SGGEE, or if you have any other questions concerning payments you have made to SGGEE. Use this address if you are a German speaker and feel more comfortable in communicating in German. Any of several people may answer any German language emails. Use this address if you are a Spanish or Portugese speaker and feel more comfortable in communicating in either of these languages. Any of several people may answer these language emails. Use this address if you have technical difficulties related to use of the website. Matt Warner (Oceanside, California, USA) is our technical guru who ensures that all computer systems and connections between the website and databases function correctly. Gary Warner (Mountain View, Arkansas, USA) maintains the databases. Karl Krueger (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) maintains the web pages. Use this address if you want to reach all of the directors of SGGEE. Current directors and director responsibilities are: Use this address for other items that do not fit any other category listed above. Also, all of our planned projects will require volunteers, especially for translation of the original records so that they can be entered into a searchable database. If you would like to participate, please email us at this address. A small core group of fast response SGGEE members will receive emails sent to this address.

Regular Mail:
Box 905 Stn. “M”
Calgary, AB T2P 2J6


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