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At SGGEE, all of the work gets done by volunteers.  Without volunteers, you would see no information posted on this web site.  Without volunteers you also may never be able to discover where your ancestor was born, married or died.  To make this web site, and the materials that we send to our non-Internet members of value, we need you to volunteer.  What follows below is a list of on-going projects and the volunteers who have stepped forward to help so far.  Will you please join us for the good of all?  If you want to help, email us at


1.  Gathering maps that show village locations and for which copyright has expired, assumed to be older than 50 years ago.  These maps need to be for the area of research undertaken by SGGEE.

Poland and Volhynia maps- Jerry Frank volunteered and has completed new maps for each area.

2.  Preparing indices of village names (including Polish and German and Russian equivalents) as shown on maps.

Poland and Volhynia- Jerry Frank has created an indices for both Poland and Volhynia to go with the maps noted in Item 2.

3.  Preparing lists of surnames and their equivalents in German, and Polish.

Volunteers- Antje Mass

4.  Preparing lists of given names and their equivalents in German, Polish and English.

Volunteers- Cecilia Lakin

5. Looking for websites of specific interest to SGGEE. These sites need not only to be found, but analyzed so we can link direct to the specific web pages of most interest instead of just to the site in general.

Volunteers- Laurelei Primeau has volunteered, but plenty of room for more volunteers.

6. Typing pedigree and family group sheets in any genealogy program that will export GEDCOM files for use in the SGGEE Pedigree database.

Volunteers- Lawrence Penno

7. Convert the SGGEE website from English to German and then keep it current with updates- translations and web pages by various volunteers.

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