Wladimir-Wolynsk Parish History

The Parish of Wladimir-Wolynsk (1891)

Of the three counties that made up the Roshischtsche Parish, Wladimir-Wolynsk (the other two were Luzk and Kowel) was chosen to be the sixth parish in Volhynia in 1891. It consisted of 32 colonies and about 12,000 people. The first pastor settled in Antonowka-Makowitsch where it was intended that a manse should be built. The project was postponed, however, and the inconveniences of renting in the village led the pastor in 1893 to find lodging in the town of Wladimir-Wolynsk, which then became the seat of the new "permanent adjunct". A manse was built there in 1899. The first German settlements in this area occurred about 1870 in Vizentow and Wyssoki.

(Editorial Note from Gerhard Koenig: The Colony Wincentow was founded in 1864. Nearby colonies such as Marynkow und Zaostrow were founded in 1865.)

By 1890 the parish had 32 chapels. A large church was built in the city between 1923 and 1927.

As in other parishes, many colonists who were faced with rising rents and discontinued leases were forced to emigrate. The number of parishioners in 1904 had grown only to 14,875. Many had emigrated to America and Siberia, and, after 1906, other left for Prussia and the Baltic area. After the travails of exile and rebuilding, during which time Pastor Bergmann from Cholm did his best to serve this and other parishes, progress occurred under Pastor Schoen. The Jesus Church was built in the Wladimir-Wolynsk between 1923 and 1927, the cost being born in part by free will contributions of 11 zlotys per Morgen from nearby villages and 1 zloty per Morgen from other villages. At this time also small churches were built in Miroslawow and Szczytniki (Schtschitnik), and new chapels were built in Dombrowa-Cholopetz, Zofjowka (Sophiewka), Neu-Zaturcy, Joachimowka, Janow, Wysokie and Antonowka-Ochnowka. The villages of Dombrowa-Cholopetz, Aleksandrowka, Markowka, Elisabetpol and Wandawola saw either the formation of new choirs or trombone ensembles, or the building or renovating of church schools.

Pastors in Wladimir-Wolynsk Parish

1891 – 1897 Eduard Alexander HESSE
1897 – 1908 Hermann August HAENSCHKE
1913 – 1915 Erhard TORINUS
1919 – 1921 betreut von Pastor BERGMANN aus Cholm
1922 – 1940 Albert Arthur SCHOEN

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Evangelical Congregations in Wladimir-Wolynsk Parish

Albertinow Kamelowka Owlotschin
Alesandrowka (near Markowitsch) Karolin Podsharki
Alexandrowka* (near Kupitschew) Kisselin Popeluwka*
Alexandrowka+ (near Osmigowitschi) Kisselowka Porizk
Annanowka Klein-Zeschin Prygalowka*
Antonew Klementinow* Radowiz
Antonowka (near Mohylno) Kohylno Ruda (near Wolosowka)
Antonowka (near Kotscher) Kolpytow Sabara
Antonowka (near Borek) Konstantinow Sagatka~
Antonowka I+ (near Ochnowka) Korytysk Sapust (Zapust)+
Antonowka II (near Ochnowka) Krat Sarudle
Antonowka*~ (near Makowitsch) Kriwylosy Scherakowka
Augustow Kurant Schtschitnik (Szczytniki)*
Barbarow* Kurgan Selono
Beresk Ledochow Shurawez
Berestowo Leonin Smolärnä
Blashenik Leonowka Smolärnä
Bludow Leshachow*+ Sofin*
Boshjewole* Lippe-Stanislawowka*~ Sophiewka (Zofjowka)*+~
Dombrowo*+~ (near Cholopetsch) Liski Sorotschin
Dombrowo* (near Pascheka) Ludmilpol+ Stawek
Dombrowo~ (near Chmelew) Ludniza Stawek
Dubrowa Lukow Stephanowka
Eduardpol Makow Switke
Elenow-Bereske*+ Makow Switschew
Elisabethpol+ Mankow~ Switschewka*+
Ewin* Mariannowka Tarnowka
Fedorpol Marianowka~ (near Kolpytow) Tekluwka~
Glembotschitz Marienpol Tereschkewiz
Gnoino Marinkow-Beresk* Tristak
Golärka Markowka+ Tschernyless
Grabina Marzelowka* Tumin
Grebelki Masärnä Chutor Viktorowka
Gruschowka* Medweschji Jamy Vizentow*+
Haike I and II Michailowka~ Wandawola*+
Helenowka Michailowka* (near Markowitsch) Werba
Helenowka Miroslawow*~ Weresowka
Horochow Molochowtschina Wilhelmowka
Jadwigow Moschtschanka+ Wladimir-Wolynsk
Jadwinin Muntuwka Wladislawow I and II
Jamne Nadeshdopol+ Wodshinek
Janow+~ Neu-Pustomit+ Wodshinow+~
Janowez+ Neu-Saturzy (Neu Zaturzy)+~ Wolosowka
Jaschenowka+ Neu-Switschew* Wortschin+
Jaschinez Nikolaipol Wyssoki+~
Jershin Nikolajewka I and II Zapust (Sapust)+
Joachimowka*+~ Nowina Zeschin
Julianowka (near Kolpytow) Ostrow+ (near Wolosowka) Zofjowka (Sophiewka)*+~
Julianowka Ostrow
Kallinow Ostrowtschisna

+ village with a school which was usually also used as a chapel (Betsaal)
~ village with a separate chapel (Kapelle or more commonly, Betshaus)
* villages where land was owned by the farmer (in contrast to those where it was leased from a nobleman)

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