Jozefin Parish History

The Parish of Jozefin (1938)

The community of Jozefin had been originally settled by Mennonites, but later became a settlement of Polish-Evangelical families from Neudorf-am-Bug. The pastor from Roshischtsche visited it only twice a year. Its Kantoren were Ferdinand Rosenfeld, 1874-76; Pritzel, 1877-79; Christian Brzozko, 1880-1893; Christoph Ledermann, 1893-?. It was purely a Polish-speaking congregation, and Bp. Bursche made it an independent Parish in 1938, with Adolf Frank as its pastor, and having about 1000 parishioners. Bursche's efforts to force German-speaking Lutherans in the area to become members is mentioned above, under "Roschischte Parish".

Pastor in Jozefin Parish

1938 - 1939 Adolf FRANK


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