History of Moravian Brethern at Radom

The following history is provided by SGGEE member Cy Harke and is reprinted with permission.


This was one of the younger Moravian posts and was first served from Stanislawow. There was a chapel which was shared with the Lutherans. Later, Pastors Stieb, Schiewe, Schafer and Hochgeladen made visits on special occasions. The assembly had a choir and band.

This village had a Moravian prayer hall which was jointly used by members from Leokadiow.

This town had an old Moravian congregation which started as a manor estate. Zerbin, a dedicated lay-worker, maintained a viable assembly. Their prayer hall was nearby in the colony of Blonie. Visitations by Pastors provided continuity of the work.

Moravian families from Sosnow bought property here and built a small prayer hall which was dedicated in 1898 by Pastor Steinberg. The hall was locked and sealed three years later as they did not get approval from the authorities. The seal was removed in 1905 and services continued. Germans were banished in WW I to eastern Russia. On their return in 1918, they found their church and farmsteads in a state of ruins and everything had been torched.

There was an old Moravian Colony in this village which was visited by Pastor Jordan from Neusulzfeld in the 1890's. The assembly had a church hall.

Many families from the Radom Region migrated to the Richenau district in the early 1900's when the Prussian Settlers Commission invited German settlers.

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