Overstone, MB Cemetery Records

The following data was extracted from the Centennial booklet of the Zion Lutheran Church in Friedenstal. The data is shown based on actual location of graves. If anyone can assist our database by filling in dates which may appear on the grave markers, we would be happy to add that data.

The church at Friedenstal now serves the Overstone district. Some names are Volhynian German but others are of Galician origin. As recorded May, 2000.


Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Hutt, Robert T. Suppes, George
Hutt, Mary Suppes, Emile
Unknown Hutt, Jacob
Reeves, Arleen Suppes, Leroy Suppes, Elsie
Hutt, Jacob Schnell, Kennith Suppes (baby)
Hutt, Clara Unknown Gunski (baby)
Hutt, Edward Schnell, Cameron Wolfrum, Henry Hoffman (baby)
Hutt, Alvina Schnell, Kevin J. Schnell, Christine Kreitz (baby)
Schnell, John Gunski (baby)
Miller, Ellen Unknown (baby) Schnell, Christopher (baby)
Schnell, Fred Schnell, Christopher Unknown (baby) Unknown
Schnell, Ruth Schnell, Dora Gaetz, Rudolph Unknown
Krashy, William Wakefield, Charles Schnell, Henry Hartwig (baby)
Wakefield, Dorothy Mayner, Phillipine Keil, Marie E.
Miller, Floyd Mayner. Conrad Gaetz, Anne
Goetz, William Schindel, Michael Schoffer, Ludwig Unknown
Florkosky, William Goetz, Jacob Goetz, Joe (1918) oldest marker
Mayner, William Mayner, Phillip Schnell, Mrs. Henry Schnell, Jake
Brown, William Unknown Unknown
Goetz, Elizabeth Schnell, Mrs. Ludwig Schnell, Josie and twin babies
Kampe, Eleonore Schnell, Ludwig Schnell (baby)
child of Josie


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