Friedenstal Cemetery Records

The following data was extracted from the Centennial booklet of the Zion Lutheran Church in Friedenstal. The data is shown based on actual location of graves. If anyone can assist our database by filling in dates which may appear on the grave markers, we would be happy to add that data.

Most of those buried in this cemetery were Volhynian Germans. As recorded May, 2000.


Old Section:

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Suppes, Leona Ratchinsky, ? Streick, Harold
Walters, Melvin Felsch, Friedrich Hartwig (baby)
Unmarked Children of Theodore and Matilde Hartwig
- Alma, Baby, and Elsie Schwark
Keil, Susanna Chldren of August and Caroline Casper
Paul, Ethel, Wilhelm, Adolf, & Edward
Unmarked Unmarked
Limprecht, Olga Unmarked
Keil, George Walters, Arthur
Walter, Lily
Felsch, Pauline
Weiss, Leona
Weiss, Edna
Weiss, Florence
Jahnke, Louise
Jahnke, Leopold

Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Unmarked Schroeder, Matilda
Schroeder, Emma
Unmarked Felsch, M. Lange, Elsa (infant)
Hartwig, Joseph Felsch, H. Jahnke, Wilhelm
Janke, Henriette
Thomsen. Frederik Doern, Friedrich Kreitz, Russel
Unmarked Schultz, H. Neumann, Gottlieb
Hartwig Children -
Henry, Anna Agathe, Elsa, Anna
Podjan. August Drajeske, August
Schultz, G. Frank, Leopold Unmarked
Frank, Alvina Unmarked Frank, Pauline
Marks, Irvine Unmarked Frank, Henry
Keil, Raymon Unmarked Frank, August
Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked
Jahnke, Gottlieb Schultz, Reinhold
Unmarked Knutt, Julie
Knutt, August
Knutt, Karl
Krebs, Ida
Alstadt, Emil
Alstadt, Emilie

Row 7
Row 8
Row 9
Lange, Gustav Pomrenke, Heinrich
Pomrenke, Augusta
Jahnke, Henriette
Jahnke, Michael
Stege, Susanna
Stege, Adolf
Boehler, Katherine
Boehler, Jacob
Drajeske, Gustav
Drajeske, Henry
Lange, Karoline
Lange, Wilhelm
Lange, Amanda
Schwark, Hilda Unmarked
Neumann, Heinrich Marsch, Pauline Drajeske, Gustav (son)
Neumann, Emilie Lange, Augusta Drajeske, Jeline
Drajeske, Herman
Walter, Jacob
Walter, Magdalena
Unmarked Unmarked
Kruger, Christop
Steinke, Regina
Steinke, Adolf
Unmarked Steinke, Michael
Steinke, Ferdinand
Ganske, Violet Weiss, Gottlieb
Kein, Andreas
Kein, Juliana
Smitke, Caroline
Schoffer, Johann

Row 10
Row 11
Row 12
Schwark, August
Schwark, Bertha
Drajeske, Paulina Schoffer, John
Frant, Hugurt Laufwsweiler, John Schoffer-Ellek, Emily
Kreutz, Wilhelm Hartwig, Heinrich
Hartwig, Euphrosine
Scheibe, Curt
Scheibe, Francis
Schultz, Albert
Schultz, Julijana
Schultz, Ludwig
Becker, August
Becker, Juliana
Schultz, Henry
Schultz, Annie
Kaufe, Julius Huff, Joseph
Huff, Justina
Schultz, Ruth
Kaufe, Hilda Unmarked Becker, Wilhelm
Becker, Emma
Mantei, Hilda Kostal, Marie
Kostal, Vaclav
Casper, Theodor
Sauder. George Pokrupa, Rosie Steinke, August
Steinke, Emily
Weiss, Emil Weiss, Wilhelm Kreitz, Louis
Kreitz, Emily
Weiss, Friedrich
Weiss, Emilie
Smitke, Rudolf Schwark, Adolf
Schwark, Lorne
Schwark, Mathilda
Alstadt, Juliana Jahnke, Emilie
Gihmitte, August Hartwig, Maria
Mantein, Gottlieb Felsch, William
Unmarked Felsch, Frederich
Felsch, Amanda
Weiss, Pauline Rettaler, Jacob
Rettaler, Christina
Weiss, Phyllius
Weiss, Helena


New Section:

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Stark, Anna
Stark, Gustave
Walters, Gustav
Walters, Emma
Schwark, Robert
Laufersweiler, Rudolph
Laufersweiler, Eva
Lochhead, Murray
Harvey, Philip
Harvery, Elizabeth
Schultz (baby)
Steg, Ludwig
Steg, Anna
Walter, Joseph
Walter, Caroline
Kehler, Timothy
Schwark, Gustav
Schwark, Ottilie
Hartwig, Heinrich
Hartwig, Anna
Steinke, William
Casper, Auguste
Casper, Caroline
Schultz, Gustav
Schultz, Mary
Friesen (baby)
Ganske, Michael
Ganske, Julianna
Schultz, Rudolf
Schultz, Justyna
Schultz (baby)
Doern, Rudolf
Doern, Augusta
Schwark, Theodore
Schwark, Mathilde
Buss, Gustav
Buss, Emilia
Kein, August
Kein, Bertha
Alstadt, Erich
Alstadt, Amanda
Weiss, Reinhold
Weiss, Mathilda
Pomrenke, August Walters, Emil
Walters, Ida
Walters, Bill Ganske, Emilie
Ganske, Albert
Steinke, Henry
Bochinski, Emma
Bochinski, Ernest

Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Bohn, Rudolf
Bohn, Ottilie
Scheibe, Alfred
Scheibe, Rudolf
Jahnke, Emil
Jahnke, Herman
Schultz, Ludwig
Schultz, Karoline
Schultz, Theodore
Schultz, Adoline
Collins, Ross Scheibe, William
Scheibe, Johanna
Steg, Henry
Steg, Wilhelmine
Lorenz, August
Lorenz, Cecelia
Casper, Arthur
Alstadt, Daniel
Alstadt, Alma
Walter, Dennis Casper, Henry
Weiss, Louis
Weiss, Marie
Walter, Arthur Schwark, William
Steinert, David
Steinert, Holdina
Zacharias, Jack Walters, Albert
Walters, Hilda
Lange, Theodor Scheibe, Joseph
Lenton, Martha
Smitke, Arnold Schultz, Alfred
Schultz, Gustav
Schultz, Frederic
Nickel, Fred
Steg, Erna Steinke, Fred Schultz, Albert
Steg, William Weiss, Richard Schultz, Arthur

Row 7
Row 8
Jahnke, Lydia Recksiedler, Elsie
Recksiedler, Fred
Jahnke, Emilie
Jahnke, Gustav
Casper, Frank
Casper, Elsie
Walters, Herman
Lange, William
Lange, Ella
Schultz, William

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