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Maps Scanned by SGGEE

Maps are in the DjVu format unless otherwise noted. See the Technical page for more information.

There is also a searchable index for the maps under 2 to 4 below.


1. NEW!!! Map of South Prussia - 1802-1803 by Gilly

This map is in 13 sections and covers the region known as South Prussia which existed between the Second Partion of Poland and Napoleon's invasions of 1806. Maps are in jpg format.


2. German Settlements in Middle Poland- by A Breyer, 1937

This map is now available in several portions in Adobe PDF format. Use the Adobe enlarge feature to set to readable size.


3. The Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Poland in 1939.

--- 1939 Map of Poland #1


4. The Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Poland on September 1, 1939.

--- 1939 Map of Poland #2


5. The Polish German frontier per 1892 Atlas of Germany (no indices yet)

--- Allenstein left side / Allenstein right side

--- Posen left side / Posen right side


6. The Origins of the Germans in Poland

--- Breyer Origins map