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SGGEE's version of the data in the St. Petersburg files for Volhynia

Now known as the VKP Records

Volhynia, Kiev, & Podolia Birth and Rozyszcze Confirmation Data

Volhynia, Kiev, & Podolia Marriage Data

Volhynia, Kiev & Podolia Death Data



Geneteka A database of extractions from many churches (mostly Catholic) through out Russian Poland (includes much of Volhynia).


Trinity Lutheran Church - Lublin

Trinity Lutheran Church - Lublin Our Lublin Team of volunteers have extracted the records for this church. Follow the link for complete details for this extensive project and how many of the records can be viewed at FamilySearch.


Lost Relatives List - Saratov Volkszeitung Newspaper

Announcements of Polish and Volhynian refugees in the Volga area looking for lost relatives (alpabetized by surname) as published in the newspaper, Saratov Volkszeitung c.1915/16, extracted by Richard Benert. This same chart is available alphabetized by village or district. If you find a surname of interest in the first list, you can use this one to search for related or connected families from the same village or district.


SGGEE Scanned Maps

SGGEE Scanned Maps Index Database


Christian Name Translator

Christian Name Translator
Find the equivalent spelling or variation of a name in different languages. Especially important for Polish / Germanic variations found in Polish records. (pdf format)


Alternate Surnames List

Alternate Surnames List
Find the equivalent spelling or variation of a surname as found in the SGGEE Pedigree database, and from other sources. There are now two different lists - substantiated and not substantiated. That does not mean that the unsubstantiated list is of no value. It does mean that the names listed there have not been substantiated by someone using more than just personal family records or family lore. (pdf format)

SGGEE Alternate Surnames List
(not substantiated)