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This index replicates the links in the drop down list upper right but adds other commonly used links on those pages so that you can go directly to them. Please explore all the pages for more links to valuable related info. This index does not include the hundreds of links to offsite resources.

About Us

- info about those who helped with this web site, pictures, etc.

  Who We Are - information about our Society  
  Membership - how to join, renew, etc. Privacy Policy
  Contact - addresses for Society leaders, functions, etc.  
  Sample Journal  
  Members Only Area - info about what is there  
Research Parishes - information about and links to Parishes in Poland, Ukraine, and Germany Parish histories, photos, and research tips
Archives - information about and links to archives in Poland, Ukraine, and Germany (includes numerous other links besides the common ones listed at right) Pradziad database of records available in various Polish state archives.
  Research Aids - general tips for genealogy  
  Translation Aids - includes samples of Polish and Russian language records with links to dictionaries and script samples Alternative Christian Names - typically found within SGGEE research (spelling and language variations)
    Alternative Surnames - typically found in SGGEE research (spelling and language variations)
  Villages and Maps - links to a wide variety of orientation and detailed maps for the regions covered by SGGEE Maps Scanned by SGGEE - central Poland by Breyer, Posen, Allenstein maps and others
    District Boundaries of Volhynia - 1899

Database Links:

SGGEE Public - databases created by SGGEE for public use

Members Only - databases created by SGGEE for use by members

Other - links to wide variety of off-site databases including Lutheran records for Volhynia, Posen, parts of Russian Poland; Immigration Lists; Ship Names; Ship Passenger Lists; Canada and U.S. Vital Statistics; German War Dead; Immigrants to Denmark

SGGEE Version of St. Petersburg Records covering Volhynia - births, marriages, deaths

Trinity Lutheran - Lublin - special project for extracting Lublin Lutheran records

Index of Inhabitants in Galicia (Members Only)


Communicate News - updates to this website  
  Mailing List - information and how to join at no cost Archived Messages
Other Related Societies - links to societies around the world working in the same or related areas as SGGEE  
  Other Sites of Interest - miscellaneous links to numerous sites such as personal web pages, history, other mailing lists, professional researchers, and more.  
  Technical Issues - your first point of reference if you are experiencing any technical problems with our website.  
Convention Convention News - primarily for SGGEE but for other societies as well  
Members Only Go to Members Only Area for detailed information about what is in this area. (The following links can only be accessed by members. See Membership for information about how to join.)  
  Members Only Index - start page for all the resources in this area Master Pedigree Database - not just a list of names but a relational database for finding families
    Journals - download current and past Journals and Newsletters
    St. Petersburg Extractions - specially formulated databases for searching these Volhynian records
    Maps - special indexed maps of German settlements in Russian Poland and Volhynia as created by Jerrry Frank
    Members - contact info for SGGEE members
    St. Petersburg Extractions for Podolia - exclusive to SGGEE (may be of value to Volhynian researchers)
    Lutzk - Land appropriations list

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Alphabetical Index

This index is an alphabetical list of words or phrases that describe the hundreds of pages included in our website. If you cannot find the key word you are looking for in alphabetical order, then try to use the search function of your browser to see if it is one of the supplemental key words. If you feel any other relevant words should be added here, please advise the webmaster.

This index does NOT list place names, surnames, etc. If you are, for example, looking for the history of the Brzeziny Parish, you will have to go to the Parish Histories page first and then look for the listing there. This index also does NOT include the content of numerous Adobe documents contained on this site.

The link on this page may only take you the page which has the reference rather than taking you directly to it. You may have to search that page to find it, using your browser search tool if necessary. There may be a further link on that page that takes you to the details.

A link followed by an asterisk * is only available to members of SGGEE.

About Baptists Canada - Vital Statistics
Membership Records Catholic Church
Members Only Area Brazilian Germans Records
SGGEE Organization Brochure - about SGGEE (pdf) Cemeteries - North America
Adobe - download instructions Breyer maps - see maps Contacts
Archives Bulletin Board - is no longer available Addresses, SGGEE
Poland, Ukraine, Germany Bylaws - SGGEE (pdf) Members*

Danish Immigrants Family Tree Maker
(includes Volhynian Germans) (genealogy software)
Databases - main Frank Maps - see Maps
(other databases are listed alphabetically in
this index)
DjVu - download instructions

Galician Residents* History Books* (local histories) Immigration Lists
History - General (off site links) Internet Databases (various)

Job Central (Volunteering) Legacy - Genealogy Software
Job Central for Members* Library* - contents
Journal Listserv - see Mailing List
Sample (pdf) Lodz Lutheran Parish Records*
Current & past issues* Lutherans
History, photos, research
In Poland today
Miscellaneous Databases
Lublin Records
Luzk Land Appropriations*

Mailing List (Instructions) Names
Maps Alternate given names (pdf)
Breyer - origins of settlers Alternate surnames (pdf)
Breyer - Russian Poland Surname Lists on Internet
Frank - Russian Poland* News
Frank - Volhynia* Newsletters*
Internet resources
Lutheran Parish - Rus. Poland
Posen - Allenstein
Volhynia boundaries 1899 (pdf)
Master Pedigree Database*
Application form (pdf)
Information about
Moravian Brethren
History, photos, research

Parish Records Indices* Research Aids
Passenger Lists General
Passwords Parishes
Obtaining first one  
Recovering Lost
Pedigree - Master Database*
Personal Web Pages of Members
Professional Researchers
(includes tour guides)
Privacy Policy (SGGEE) (pdf)

S T U / V
Ship Lists Technical Issues USA - Vital Statistics
Societies (Related) Text Size Villages
North America & Germany Towns - see Villages Index - Breyer map
Software - genealogy Tour Guides Index - Russian Poland Map*
Soundex Description (see Professional Researchers) Index - Volhynia Map*
St. Petersburg Records Translation Online indexes / gazetteers
Births Examples, records, scripts, (see also Maps)
Deaths online dictionaries, occupations,
Marriages names, and more
Special Place Name Finder*
Special Search Options*

W X / Y Z
War Dead - Germans
Website Changes

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