Convention News

2021 Convention (virtual)

SGGEE members have access to the recordings of the presentations given at the virtual convention in 2021. Access to the recordings will remain open through November 30, 2021.

Presentations and Documents for 2021

Family Search Online EWZ Records by Karl Krueger

  1. Presentation (PDF)
  2. Invenio Instructions (PDF)
  3. Invenio Hits (PDF)
  4. Polish Towns and Stammblatt Ranges (Microsoft Excel file -.xlsx)
  5. Odessa Digital Library Instructional (PDF)
  6. Supplementary NARA EWZ Information (PDF)
German Migrations by Bill Remus
  1. Migration Article (PDF)
  2. Big Migration Map (PDF)
  3. Migrations Presentation (PDF)
Germans in Brazil by André Hammann
  1. Germans in Brazil presentation (PDF)
  2. Germans in Brazil content (PDF)
  3. Book, Colonists 1863-73 Surnames Index (PDF)
The Zhitomir District under Nazi Rule by Dave Obee
  1. Destruction, Departure and Deportation: The Zhitomir District under Nazi Rule (PDF)
Navigating Online Records by Sigrid Pohl-Perry
  1. Navigating Course Handout & Word List (PDF)
  2. Navigating Part 1 Intro SGGEE Databases (PDF)
  3. Part 2 Geneteka Metryki FamilySearch (PDF)
  4. Part 3 Szukaj w Archiwach (PDF)
  5. Part 4 Regional Databases (PDF)
  6. Part 5 Miscellaneous Databases (PDF)
  7. Part 6 Archion (PDF)

2020 Convention


SGGEE members and friends,

The Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe is announcing the cancellation of its annual convention, scheduled for late July in Portland, Oregon. This decision is taken to help preserve the health of those who were planning to attend. As an international society, we also recognize that traveling into the United States may continue to be restricted, and even U.S. residents may find travel this summer to be difficult.

We thank our Convention Team and especially our friends in Portland, who worked hard to locate a venue and plan activities for our prospective participants.

While we cannot meet in person, we are exploring the possibility of some other means of connecting around our common interests and ask that our members watch for email updates.

Thank you for your understanding. Questions or comments may be sent to the board at .

2019 Convention

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Presentations for 2019
The "Old Country" Meets the Internet (PDF) by Denise Kolesar
Workshop Presentation (PDF) by Gary Warner
Sample Legacy File (FDB) by Gary Warner

2018 Convention

2018 Convention Report (PDF)

Presentations for 2018
Submitting data to SGGEE by Gary Warner
Addenda to Submitting data to SGGEE by Gary Warner
Navigating Online Records in Poland by Sigrid Pohl-Perry
Cyrillic & Polish Parish Records by Sigrid Pohl-Perry
Workshop Handout 2018 by Sigrid Pohl-Perry
Navigating Online Records Slide Presentation by Sigrid Pohl-Perry
Family Search online EWZ records by Karl Krueger


2017 Convention

2017 Convention Report (PDF)


2016 Convention

2016 Convention Report (PDF)

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Using DNA in Genealogy Summary (PDF) by Earl Schultz

Using DNA in Genealogy (Part 1) (PDF) by Earl Schultz

Using DNA in Genealogy (Part 2) (PDF) by Earl Schultz

Changing Map in Europe seminar notes (PDF) by John Althouse

Sowing Winter Wheat seminar notes (PDF) by John Althouse

2015 Convention

2015 Convention Report (PDF)

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SGGEE Online Databases (PDF) by Gary Warner

A Place by Any Other Name Won't Merge (PDF) by Sigrid Pohl Perry and Gary Warner

EWZ (Einwandererzentralstelle) (PDF) by Karl Krueger - If you have problems viewing this PDF in your browser then download the file and view it with Adobe Viewer.

2014 Convention

2014 Convention Report (PDF)

Legacy Family Tree Webinars: Legacy Family Tree - an Overview by Geoff Rasmussen

Legacy Family Tree Webinars: Legacy Family Tree - Beyond the Basics by Geoff Rasmussen

2013 Convention

2013 Convention Report (PDF)

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Tracking the Tribe (full PowerPoint presentation, large file, long download) by Sigrid Pohl Perry

SGGEE Online Databases ‐ how to get the most out of them, and also how to prepare your data for submission to the MPD Database by Gary Warner

For presentations by Jerry Frank, refer to December 2001 and March 2002 Journals (members only)


2012 Convention - Regina, Saskatchewan

Report (PDF)

Picture Group Photo

Tracking the Tribe (PDF) handout

Presentations about Legacy software:
Legacy Overview (PDF)
12 Step Checklist Comparison (PDF)

2011 Convention - Winnipeg, Manitoba


2010 Convention - Edmonton, Alberta

Report and Picture

2009 Convention - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


2008 Convention - Kelowna, British Columbia

(no report submitted)

2007 Convention - Calgary, Alberta

Report and pictures

2006 Convention - Edmonton, Alberta

Report and pictures

2005 Convention - St. Paul, Minnesota

Report and pictures

2004 Convention - Calgary Alberta

Report and pictures

2003 Convention - Edmonton, Alberta

Report and pictures

2002 Convention - Regina, Saskatchewan


2001 Convention - Tacoma, Washington