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This page allows you to request a username and password to access the members-only areas of the site once you have completed the application form and paid your dues. Please wait until after your application and dues have been processed before applying for access to the members’ area.

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Your request will be checked against the information in our user database. If you have not yet been notified that your application and dues have been processed, your information will not yet be online. That means that the system will not yet be able to process your request for access to the members’s area of the site.


Username can be just about anything you like, but should be at least three characters and it must be unique. We suggest that you use something you will easily remember, such as the username portion of your email address (user is the username in the address

Passwords can also be whatever you'd like, but should be at least three characters (numbers are OK). If you forget your username and/or password, go to the Membership page, where you can have the information emailed to you.


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