Membership Rates


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Register Using Regular Mail
Register Using PayPal or Credit Card

The following rates apply if you choose to register by conventional mail. Rates apply to either Individual or Family Membership.


Currency = $40 CDN
Payment Options - personal cheque or money order.

United States:

Currency = $40 US
Payment Options - personal cheque or money order.

Europe, including Germany:

Currency = €30 or $40 US
Payment Options - money order or cash
(While there is some inherent risk to sending cash in the mail, it is the only method that avoids extremely high bank fees.)

All other international:

Currency = $40 US
Payment Options - money order or cash
(see note about cash above)

You may register on line and then mail your fee to the address at the bottom of this page or download the standard Registration Form below and include it with your payment.

With PayPal or credit card, there is only one rate -$40 CDN

To use a credit card, you will have to proceed through the PayPal process. Or you can use your own PayPal account.

PayPal, in conjunction with your bank or credit card will automatically make currency conversion for you with no high end bank fees attached.

You do not have to register with PayPal directly if you are using a credit card. To make a direct deposit from your bank account, you will have to have a PayPal account.

If you use the PayPal method, you will be transferred off this site to the fully secured PayPal pages.



You CANNOT make a PayPal payment by way of email. You MUST follow the "On Line Registration Form" link below for payment transfer to work correctly. You will have the choice in this process to pay with your credit card or directly from your personal PayPal account.

You should only make a PayPal payment through the SGGEE link to ensure a secure payment transfer. Within your PayPal account you will be able to select your payment options based on your personal settings. If you follow an alternate process, you may experience problems or time delays in the processing of your membership. SGGEE accepts no responsibility for your use of an incorrect payment method.


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