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SGGEE welcomes new and returning members! Working together, we can preserve our shared history.

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If you have questions or updates to your membership, email

Additional information for members

Recover a username or password: applies to active members only. Go to the login page. Enter your email address in the field labeled "Send username and/or reset forgotten password." You must use the email address that you have associated with your SGGEE account. If your account is active, your username will be sent to you along with a link that you can use to reset your password.

Submitting genealogical data: Maximum membership benefit is derived from members who submit data for our Master Pedigree Database. Due to the complexity of merging new data into our huge database, we have found it necessary to develop Submission Standards (pdf). Please comply with these standards before submitting any data. Electronic submissions (preferred) can be emailed to Hard copies can be mailed to SGGEE’s postal address; note that using regular mail will significantly delay the receipt of your information.

When you submit your data, only send us the Germans in your data (meaning those with any German blood, and their descendants and spouses). Please follow the this guide. It is helpful if everyone uses the same standard for place names within their data submission. The standard is found in a detailed document, which also contains appendices on How to find locations and Read Transcriptions of Cyrillic.

Privacy: By joining or renewing your membership, you agree to abide by the bylaws of the Society and our privacy policy. It is critical that you understand how SGGEE collects and uses your personal identifying information as well as any genealogical data you choose to provide. Please read our Data Collection Guidelines.

Membership does not entitle you to copy other members’ genealogical data for distribution or posting elsewhere without the owner's permission. Doing so could result in cancellation of your membership.

If an active or inactive member does not inform SGGEE of email address changes, you may not be able to contact someone you find in the database. This is beyond SGGEE’s control.



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