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SGGEE focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia with some help for related regions.

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June 2022 SGGEE Journal
In this issue of the SGGEE Journal, Elsa Herbstreit Stadelmayer writes of their family’s memories of living in Volhynia and the impact that the war had on the family. Arnold Badke, our SGGEE Treasurer, provides the 2021 – 2022 financial documents including income statement, balance sheet, budget, notes, and financial review. We will have our virtual convention in September and preliminary convention is included.


New on the Virtual SGGEE page (Members Only) Navigating Online Records for Germans in Eastern Europe. Virtual presentation on Databases in Poland: Geneteka, Metryki & FamilySearch by Sigrid Pohl-Perry, June 11, 2022.


The German Colonies in Volhynia by Mykhailo Kostiuk
Originally published in Ukrainian, this work is a reliable introduction to German colonists in Volhynia, and one for which their English-speaking descendants have been waiting. Download a PDF version or order a printed copy now.


Master Pedigree Database (MPD) Updated July 31, 2021
The Master Pedigree Database has just been updated with the most current data received and processed to date. It has been merged resulting in 535,731 records all of which have been renumbered.


SGGEE Data Collections Guidelines
SGGEE has recently established guidelines for collection of personal data from its members covering several facets of activity conducted by SGGEE members including participation on Facebook, use of our listserv, and sharing of personal DNA data.

Volhynian Flour Mill - artistry by member Les Ollenberg
(see our Credits Page for more art by Les)



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SGGEE is a member of IGGP.

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