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SGGEE focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia with some help for related regions.

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2024 SGGEE Annual Convention / Aug 17-18

Updates can be found at our Convention Blogspot.


December 2023 SGGEE Journal
In this issue of the SGGEE Journal, we published the life and times of Helene Dinda Dilk recounting her experience in Volhynia.  The article was translated and submitted by SGGEE member Karin Dilk-Kant.  SGGEE member Karl Krueger provides a very interesting article on his search using DNA genetic testing for a missing relative that was lost on his return from Siberia following deportation during the First World War.  We have a first-person account from Bruno Ron Shulz detailing his families experience prior to World War II and his personal life story during World War II and move to Canada.  Bob Frederking provides letters that were sent to his grandfather from Volhynia to Canada in 1928.  The first letter written in 1880 was included with the letter that was sent in 1928.  The letters reveal life in Volhynia at the time of their writing.  Finally, we reprinted an article that Jerry Frank had written in the December 2013 Journal that provides an overview on getting the most out of your web inquiries.


Virtual Classroom: Overview of SGGEE Genealogical Databases
The recorded video of this webinar taught by Karl Krueger on January 27, 2024 is now posted on our Virtual SGGEE web page. Several people have commented that they became of some new strategies for searching the databases.


A link to the SGGEE library currently hosted at the Historical Society of Germans from Poland and Volhynia has just been posted.


Master Pedigree Database (MPD) Updated October 27, 2023
The Master Pedigree Database has just been updated with the most current data received and processed to date. It has been merged resulting in 553,428 records all of which have been renumbered. It now also contains 7 of the St. Petersburg kantorates- Alt Kurgan, Amelin, Antonowka, Berestowiec, Kolowert 1, Rudenka, and Totowicz.


The German Colonies in Volhynia by Mykhailo Kostiuk
For your convenience, if you wish to order this book follow the link provided. It can be purchased through our website or retail.

Volhynian Flour Mill - artistry by member Les Ollenberg
(see our Credits Page for more art by Les)


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