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SGGEE focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia with some help for related regions.

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All presentations from the 2023 Annual General Meeting can be viewed from the Virtual SGGEE page (Members Only). If you are prompted to join Vimeo or log in, IGNORE. No login is required.


June 2023 SGGEE Journal
In this issue of the SGGEE Journal, Part 2 of the excerpt from Gottfried Wessel’s book telling his experiences while serving on the German naturalization commission. Laurel Glanfield provided this year’s financial report including income statement and balance sheet. The 2023 convention information is provided on Page 23. And finally, our condolences to the Miller family in the loss of Don. Don was a long time SGGEE member and was actively involved in Ukraine supporting various ministries and founded the Volhynian Village Adventure Tours. Our memorial to Don is on Page 24.


Master Pedigree Database (MPD) Updated July 3 , 2023
The Master Pedigree Database has just been updated with the most current data received and processed to date. It has been merged resulting in 549,458 records all of which have been renumbered.


The German Colonies in Volhynia by Mykhailo Kostiuk
For your convenience, if you wish to order this book follow the link provided. It can be purchased through our website or retail.

Volhynian Flour Mill - artistry by member Les Ollenberg
(see our Credits Page for more art by Les)


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SGGEE is a member of IGGP.

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